UPSET - a nervous, irritable state of mind.

We were all uniquely created and as a result we possess different opinions and convictions. Simply put, we get upset sometimes because we don't agree with everyone else and on top of that some people we come in contact with are just knuckleheads. I don't believe there is anything wrong with being upset, besides, its only natural, but I do think we need to beware the actions and behaviors that occur as a result of our steaming emotions. Thats where I'm comes in. There needs to be a forum, an anonymous forum, where instead of lashing out in a quick tempered frenzy we are able to share with the world what made us UPSET. This allows for a number of possibilities!

No matter WHAT you are facing you can rest assure that you are not the only one facing that same problem. After you read the posts and comments that others have posted you will understand what I mean. Not only is it a forum for sharing, but it is a forum for encouragement and support. Let others know what you have done to solve the issue their facing, or just post and let them know someone out there is listening.

Through it all, we will all be able to see what people are struggling with the most when people vote for the posts that they can relate to.