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  • yourmomscousinsbrother writes... weirdo. theres no need to blast stuff all of this.. you really are a no life jerk.
  • hmmm writes... dont pay attention to that idiot... its good to get that stuff off your chest and i'm sure thats why this site is here. thanks for sharing
  • Dnt Wrry ,,, writes... Hey i totally know how you feel and dont lisen to that momz cousin brotha stupid jerk, he says you have no life yet again his posting on here wat a dumbfuk .. anyway i so know what your going through, just dont think about it too much, go with the flow and take it easy sooner or later u'l be fine, i promise
  • !!!!!!! writes... what about the ugly mans life how do u think he feels he mite be a really nice geeza looks arnt everything u stuck up whore bag.x