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  • Mariana writes... Nice thought on life.. i'm rlelay upset on what happened in my life.. happen to stroll ur blog regarding HTTP protocol : absolute / relative urls.. n then landed in this page...ur page did brighten up my 60 secs... [url=]xvxchhwqazy[/url] [link=]stymlmge[/link]
  • Victor writes... Who Knows What Evil Blurks I'm stealing this<a href=""> qeitsuon</a> from James. Blurkers are visitors to a blog that leave no evidence: regular readers who remain in the shadows and don't leave comments, or those who read via RSS and never actually come to the site
  • Red writes... - Hi Jennifer,Congrats on your new blog!! Although I thought your old one was alaedry pretty FAB!! So I can't wait to follow you even more on here! Greetings from a fan from South Africa!September 19, 2011 1:48 am [url=]lxbepmtkomj[/url] [link=]xrcoofzwcmw[/link]
  • Shaed writes... - Hi Jennifer,I'm a long time blurker of your old blog-which I adore! I'm not very good at<a href=""> cponig</a> with change;) but your new home looks fab. I hope I settle in okay. It looks wonderful and I'm thrilled it still looks like you.September 28, 2011 3:01 am
  • Abbey writes... My Husband forgot where we were, and smaekcd my butt at Church, so ummmm....yeah. I was soooo embarassed. I don't know if I'd mind, as long he wasn't all detailed with it. Hell, he pretty much told our business that day anyway. LoL I certainly wouldn't divulge our private moments with anyone.