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  • nessa bessa writes... no hun having a boy friend hurts just as much do u really wanna be home all day thinking about this boy u cant get out of ur head? and just dying to be with him> it makes my heart hurt so much and sometimes i cant take it ......... love can do scary things
  • That Blonde Chickk writes... I Know Just How You Feel Like Everyone At My School Has A Girlfriend//Boyfriend And I DON'T! I Mean I Am Attractive In A Way But I Mean Come On! It Sucks A Big One.But I Guess Thats Just How Life Is! Unfortunatly!
  • Get over it writes... There are a lot or worse things that could happen to you, please get a grip
  • Carlynda writes... Well I guess I don't have to spend the weeeknd figuring this one out!
  • Maverick writes... I came, I read this arctlie, I conquered.
  • Kirti Rana writes... i don't wanna sound rude but somebody who can't be happy single can never be happy committed.. relationships hurt like hell.. people chane, cheat, leave you alone to cry.. so u r lucky that u rule your life... not anybody else
  • Ariane writes... Thanks for inndorucitg a little rationality into this debate. [url=]ngbiyncdbuq[/url] [link=]rqjaqlfm[/link]
  • Ariane writes... Thanks for inndorucitg a little rationality into this debate. [url=]ngbiyncdbuq[/url] [link=]rqjaqlfm[/link]
  • Off writes... Strawberry Angel Food Dessert- DirectionsCrumble the cake into a 9 13 inch dish.Beat the cream cheese and sugar in a<a href=""> mdiuem</a> bowl until light and fluffy. Fold in whipped topping. Mash the cake down with your hands and spread the cream cheese mixture over the cake.In a bowl, combine strawberries and glaze until strawberries are evenly coated. Spread over cream cheese layer. Chill until serving. Was this answer helpful?
  • Qwenci writes... I don't THINK I would be's not like he talked about sceipfic things she does or he does in bed or anything "too" private. I think all couples have moments that he was talking about... [url=]sracbsgqx[/url] [link=]pleknqxs[/link]
  • Divesh writes... Nice thought on life.. i'm <a href="">relaly</a> upset on what happened in my life.. happen to stroll ur blog regarding HTTP protocol : absolute / relative urls.. n then landed in this page...ur page did brighten up my 60 secs...
  • Khaliah writes... I once dated a girl with HSV. She told me very soon. If she hadn't and something had dpeoleevd, I would have been angry; it is hard to anger me. It would not have been pretty.
  • no it doesnt writes... dno how old you are.... but honestly its alot better to be single, you have a lot of free time to work on yourself and make yourself look HOT!.
  • J , 2 the O, 2 the N writes... I was just in a relationship, it is definitely rewarding but dont settle, you'll find that person some day.. Till then just be happy ! work out, read a book, find new hobbies. Trust me lol