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  • JD Dalle Carangi writes... Turn dyke then :p
  • nessa writes... tell me about it hun ha
  • poopoo writes... i no how ya feel
  • Jessica writes... Most men will always be a load of rubbish. I'm married and I say that. lol. I am married to a man who completes me as a person. He is still a man in many ways, and sometimes it's kinda frustrating. But, I wouldn't trade him for the world. Just wait for the right person. The one that completes you. It might feel like a long time, but they will come.
  • Eleanor writes... Men can't understand the countless problems that women have because they will never have them themselves. For men, life is just peachy so they can afford to be selfish, lazy, greedy monsters.
  • The Fool writes... uhhh you know, life is'nt alwasy peachy keen for a guy. i'm a guy. i'm pretty sensitive. i cry when i'm in emotional pain. don't call us all bad, cuz we're not.
  • Ashley writes... Wow. Shut the fuck up, original poster. I hate how you bitches are always fucking hating on men just because you think they're "bad". "Oooh, he told me to get in the kitchen! D: " Get the fuck over whatever you're upset about, and please DO get back in the fucking kitchen and make your man a sandwich, bitch. Not all men are "rubbish". Some men are really awesome. Some of them might be immature or a little mean, "oooh oh my god, men are so horribleeee!" "ooh oh my god i'm sooo upset he told me i was fat!!!!!!!!" You probably are fat, you fucking bitch. Really, if you have a problem with men, then fucking be a lesbian, you dipshit. Or, just be a loner and think that all men are fucking assholes, when you're just a fucking moron. Men aren't rubbish. It's probably your fault whatever happened that your man told you something that made you mad. Instead of realizing everyone makes mistakes and no one's perfect, go on the internet and complain, bitch. God, I am ashamed to be a woman. We're fucking dumbass bitches. Who belong in the kitchen. Fuck, original poster, don't be such a fucking moron bitch. Dumbass.
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  • Eliza writes... What are you talking about? She isn't going to end her resloitnahip and start dating someone within a week, unless she already has someone in mind, in which case it probably wont matter where you are. but ive gotta say, if a guy kissed me and confessed his love to me, the only reason i would keep him in the loop about my failing resloitnahip is to let him know he might have a chance soon to step up to the plate. she didnt forget that happened just cuz you were able to salvage your friendship. so really it sounds like pretty great news. so go enjoy India, and take some cool photos to show her on your first date. *wink* good job man!
  • PhilOSophie writes... No need for your comment Ashley, although it is subjective how you feel about men u think we should all try to emphathise with other humans not make them worse. Original post : cliched as it is time and the right person will heal right now you have to keep yourself occupied and string you CAN do it