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  • Kirti Rana writes... yea.. even i feel that way..find out what you enjoy doing and then do it.. figure out your goal of life and then devote your time and energy to achieve it
  • Matias writes... Nat Kelly,You've artciulated exactly how I feel. When something means so much to you, it's jarring and scary to see your spouse come out on the opposite side. jks, And I?m always right which means if he disagrees with me it means he is wrong. Hah! Z, it undermines your sense of familiarity with each other That's a good way to put it. You think you know someone, but people are always evolving in marriage one of the things that keeps marriage exciting, I suppose. Angie, Both those moments freed me to pursue truth. Those are wonderful life changing moments! So uplifting and powerful. And I love that it was Mormon friends who sparked that pursuit of truth. Thank you for sharing those with us. Jessawhy,Now that's a good solution. I'll propose my husband go that route next time a proposition like this comes up again, if he feels the need to get involved.
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  • Mioko writes... I know. I saw less of you when i lived in Ireland.Cheers Dave, missed the pint o' Joe panel, but i heard the<a href=""> evculsixes</a> after. Twas great to have some irish-exclusives alright. Both announcements were right up my alley.I really love the face-off photo myself, shame it was taken with a crappy camera. It's DEFINATELY going into Eclectic Micks.
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  • Deep writes... to chenhu- I agree with your idea of <a href="">moredn</a> people forgetting their past because of fashion. I don't think people would be using the term yo, if fashionable, iconic people didn't use it first. Long words and terms from Shakespeare's time are unnecessary. If they were important, we would all remeber them weeks after they were on a vocabulary quiz. It's kind of like natural selection, but just with words and memories. The reading did say that, Knowledge about kinship stretches outwardsinto degrees of siblingship rather than backwards to predecessors. This means to me that the memories of traditions of the past are not important. What's important is saying yo now.
  • Kaylee writes... If you have ANY communicable diaseses, you need to let a person with whom you could reasonably assume you might eventually become intimate that you have something. They have the right to choose whether or not to continue dating you. Waiting until you are close enough to have sex is like taking a birth control pill the day you're going to lose your virginity: it doesn't work!